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Adria Larsen
Camper 2010 - 1012

I love camp. I always have a blast. I miss all my friends and my favorite horse, Legand. I miss my friends Josh, DJ, and Rhett from camp of 2012. I cant wait to go again.

Lynn Mukwada
Camper 2009 -

I love camp I always meet so many friends and the counselors are soooooo awesome

Mackenzie Richardson
Camper 2003 - 2010

Camp for me was a life changing experience. I got to learn of this true and loving God who cares for me and loves me so much he even died for me. If it wasn’t for this camp I don’t know where my walk with God would be. I vowed that one day i would work there so i could change young lives like the staff and camp did mine! I can never Thank you enough for all you did for me.

Donald Ssawyer
Camper 1966 - 68

Man i still have many good memories of Camp Au Sable. i grew up in the Cadilac, Mesick area of Michigan. every summer i went to ca. the swimming with a partner and the whistle that you had to grab the hand of your partner raising your hands so the life guards could see even numbers of swimmers. no one drowning. the early morning devotions standing on the hill over looking the swimming area. the path to the night fire by the lake. the cabins and the tents. the mosquitoes, the friendships, crafts, making leather things. the trampoline that would have broke bones if you hit the boards around it. the bathroom with the round wash sink where you pushed it on by stepping on the bar. the cafeteria with good adventist food. the canoe trip across the lake, to the river, under the road through a tunnel that you had to duck real low. the year i was acting up trying to be a ghost teller or put the keys in Ddaniel days and my pastor Paul Windberg had to come and get me. kicked out of Camp Au Sable, the times that i had to say good bye to my friends. being a sanguine, hyperactive boy i sure did cry at the last formation standing on that hill over looking the swimming area. and the last memory was being on the bus going back to Cadilac. the camp cooks had made good food. one thing was a sandwich. i asked a bus monitor what kind of sandwich is this? she said wham. i thought it was pork and through my wham sandwich out the window saying those words all adventists say when being offered ham. no thank you. i don’t eat pork. lol i miss Camp Au Sable.

Heather Lynn Kanouse
Camper 2004 - 2006

I loved it up there. The tween camp was the highlights of those summers. I made so many wonderful friends while I was there and still have today. The counselors and staff are wonderful people. The camp is gorgeous and an amazing place for kids and teen to come closer to God. I cherish the time I spent there and I can not wait until my children are old enough to attend.

Elizabeth Thomas Davis
Staff 1994 - 2005

WOW where to begin. I was one of the lucky few who lived at Camp year round. We moved there when I was 8 or 9 and I continued coming back until I was married. The first place we lived was the old Medical Building. Camp was the third place I had lived that year and it quickly became home. I went to the little one room school house and spent my afternoons with my sister Deanna exploring camp. Many a day we would walk to the fort to find our Grandpa Ed Curran after checking in with Grandma at the office.

Since we were “Staff Brats” we were not always popular with campers and staff alike since we were half-breeds so to speak but we believed that we had the best of both worlds. I would often escape to the quiet of the barn when my teen troubles got to much. I remember taking walks around the lake with my mom and sister after dark or early morning before the Boardwalk was installed. Sitting on the benches and watching the campers across the lake was one of my favorite activites. Though not even remotely as nice as riding Lady thru the woods.

I loved the horses best. Good old Boss, my first horse who patiently put up with my blundering attempts at saddling and bridling and took such great care of me on the trails. Lady who had such spirit and loved to run. Amos and Andy the team who taught me how to drive. The first horses I had to say goodbye to: Zeak, Mariah, and Bob. Those horses taught me so much about life, dealing with annoying people, and just pushing thru no matter the circumstances. I loved the rodeos when we could run fast and show off. I have used some of the formations we did for entrances for rodeos and teaching opportunities just this year.

got to do many jobs at camp, Dishroom(Miss you Linda!), Craft department (Alexandria) and Office where I got to work with Mrs. White and Grandma. Though I have to admit I was just biding my time until I turned 18 and got to work at the barn. Didn’t expect to be assistant/acting director but am so thankful for the opportunity to work with Andrew, Lori, and so many other awesome people. And yes horsebarn is still better and works harder than waterfront:) asked where I grew up I always say “Heaven on Earth, Camp Au Sable”. Camp will always be home to me and will always have a huge chunk of my heart.
Anthony Reyes
Camper 2012 -

Oh my goodness! This was one of the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced in my life! this was my first year and I hope to come to many more. I’ve literally been dreaming about camp since I’ve gotten home. I think one of my favorite things was the Passion Play. I would do anything to see it again… I miss you guys!

Jackson Hill
Camper 2012 - 2013

i love it i cant wait till next year

Norman Harebottle
Camper 1963 - 1966

I have many, many fond memories of attending Camp Au Sable as both as camper and as a DK (doctor’s kid) when my dad served a week as a camp doctor several times.

of my memories is of being in one of the old cinderblock cabins and waking up one night finding myself sleeping-walking somewhere outside of the cabin and having to find my way back in and back to my upper bunk! A happier memory is of forgetting about a capture-the-flag game and just sitting down to eat my fill of blueberries from the low bushes - do they still grow there? remember the many evening campfire programs. To this day, the stories and testimonies I heard there have helped to anchor my Christian faith. Au Sable will always hold a special place in my heart. Blessings to those serving the Lord there now and to the many campers who will meet Jesus there.
Camper 2005 -

I loved Family camp back when i was 5. I Enjoyed how everybody was kind to everybody, even if they didnt know them!!

Camper 2000 - 2000

camp au sable ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Marc Heffner
Camper 1980 - 1987

I attended several family camps and winter camps during the period. Many fond memories, including ceramics and sailing, walking through the woods. I subsequently lived in California and even worked at Leoni Meadows there, but Camp au Sable always will have a place in my heart.

Margay Wilson Wright
Camper 1970 - 1977

I have so many fond memories of Camp Au Sable and Hartwick Pines! I remember going there in the winter on campouts with the Holly Pathfinder group. What fun we had! OH, the memories! Then going there for Bible Camp while attending Adelphian Academy. I will always cherish the wonderful experiences of being at Camp Au Sable. It even brought tears to my eyes when I found this site and started reading other’s memories. What a fun time in my life it was!!!

Becky Soriano
Staff 2012 - 2012

O my where do I begin? First i’d like all the staff to know I am not a active member through any church my mom is through Oak Haven in Pullman Michigan and this Woman’s p Retreat 2012 was my first time going and was such a blessing I made my connection with God and found out I am not alone that I must be still and know that God is right there and I thank the staff and a big warm thank you to Deeann Bragaw for her help her shoulder to cry and her ear to listen a wonderful way to meet God like i never knew.Going there with not something i wanted to do I did not go with a clear mind,but with a misty haze who would of known but only God that i would be blessed and my eye open my heart ready for the word God just Wow!! cant explain it. I do know i will go back next year and recommend Camp Au Sable to anyone feeling like i was. Thank You all from a dear friend Becky from Holland

Don Leroy brown
Staff 1965 - 1967

My mom Roberta Wery was the baker at the main lodge. we lived in the old staff building.

also registered as a camper a couple times and stayed in the tents.My memories are many. walk around lake,horse rodeo, canoe trips down the river,the old tobaggan chute. And many more. it has been years since i’ve been back to camp I should make a trip up there soon
Emily Green Walton
Camper 2001 - 2012

CRS Winter Blind Camps

have so many Memories, helping in the kitchen, meeting my current BF there (hoping for much more, God Willing) spent many hours in Ceramics, I miss Alexerandia, Julie! (WAY TOO MUCH FUN!) Michelle, Rocky, Radic & many others are just a few of the people that made my life so much brighter, I face struggles everyday in the ‘normal’ life I lead, & I might not be able to come anymore, as I’m moving to the east coast of Canada, I love Camp, I will never forget my first time walking the WHOLE boardwalk this past camp, with Christopher Daigle, I will never forget the talks we had, He was pointing out birds & wildlife that i would have missed, & our talk was awesome.. LOVE the suspended bridge! the urge to jump & bounce on it is just mind bending! to Julie for making my years there so special!
Serena Moore Lopez
Camper 2000 - 2012

The best camp ever !!!!!!!!!!! You get to know more about God and you meet new people and share your experience about camp au sable and how good of a camp it is

Lynn Mukwada
Camper 2009 -

Camp is very fun and all the staff are nice it is also were i started to think about getting baptised.

Brandon Welklin
Camper 1998 - 2000

I went to adventure camp the summers of ‘98, ‘99, and ‘00. I had Corey, Andrew F., and Larry T. for counselors. I remember having a lot of fun, and have some fond memories of the time spent there. I also remember being homesick a couple times and Mrs. Micheff saying she would be my camp “mom”. It was kind of cool discovering I went to camp with quite a few people I graduated with at GLAA.

Craig/Cindy Morgan
Staff 1986 -

For the last 26 summers, it has been our joy to serve at Camp AuSable. The thousands of people we have worked with as staff or campers have made our lives so very special. Camp is truly a blessing for us and for our children and grandchildren as well.

Cindy Neff White
Camper 1972 - 1977

I have many great memories from time spent at Camp Au Sable. Class trips there for Bible Camp and having a candlelight revival with many giving their hearts to Jesus.

I remember I was in 8th grade, (teacher was Mr. Marvin LaCourt from BCA), and i was canoeing down the Au Sable river with two of my friends and Mr. Andersen, and our canoe tipped over. The water was so cold due to it being in the fall. I’ll never forget that! Walks around the lake, worship services in the woods, the fort, and so many more. Many good memories that will last me a lifetime. Thank you Camp Au Sable!

Gregg Iverson
Staff 1964 - 2008

I have so many memories of Camp Au Sable. I first attended as a 7th grader when we went to a Pathfinder training workshop. I also attended Winter Camps during College and worked there in 1970 and both 1977 and 1978. Although there was very little snow, we enjoyed winter camp a few years ago and got to see some of those we had made friendships with through the years.

has certainly changed through the years. But one thing that has remained is the beauty of the natural setting and the friendships that have been made. wife and I met while we were working there, and my daughter and her husband were both at winter camp when they were one year old, although we only found that out many years later.
Virginia Wojtkowski Denison
Camper -

I just turned 57 and finally worked up the courage to try to find my old camp on the web. I was so afraid you were gone. Here is where I learned to canoe, swim, fight with other girls, and make good friends. Are there still blueberries to pick? I think I remember doing that, too. One thing I remember is having to deliberately overturn the canoe and return it to the upright position. I didn’t do well and we drifted into yucky seaweedy areas. I also remember our local church having a winter retreat there. Oh my, so much fun. I am not sure of my age at that time. Somewhere between 10 and 13.

I am soooo happy to find you here. Amazingly, I have just been corresponding with a high school friend in Missouri (we both attended Sunnydale Academy and graduated in 1971). We discovered, after all these years, that she has Camp Au Sable in her background, too.

Carolyn Wilkie
Uncategorized December 21,2010 -

Thank you so much Everett Jamieson, daughter Tonya, friend Marjorie Bodi and Dan Hanson for the delightful sleigh ride through your lovely camp. You made wonderful birthday memories for a “southern” camp director and his family on the 21st of December. We enjoyed every minute of our ride and especially hearing the story of the camp and the answers to all our questions.

Karah O’Neill
Camper 2001 - 2007

The best place to go always and forever.

Camper -

i am 15 ears old and luv camp!!! whenever i go there i can never leave!!! when i moved p to mi my grandma sent me to junior camp… i wuz 10. i didnt know wut would happen in my life once i came… that week changed my life totally!! i never knew how amazing God wuz!! i gave my life to Christ that week!!! and when i get older i want to lead other kids to him also!!! just to pass it on….

Amanda orosco renee
Camper 2001 - 2011

I love camp it so much fun and you get to learn more about Jesus that how much he love you hope you like it I cant come this year we dont have no money!!!!!

Amanda Orosco
Camper 2001 - 2011

I had the best time at summer camp it was fun camp au sable rocks! you will love it and learn about GOD and how much he loves us and how he died for us to take away our sin !!!!!!!!!

Ryan Owiti
Camper 2005 - Present

I have always enjoyed Campausable because they have good food, a lot of fun stuff to do, and good spiritual lessons. God has blessed Campausable greatly. I think everybody should go to summer camp. Thank you Campausable staff for all you do and thank you God for helping the staff make Camp a better place and to help us understand and know you better.

Arion McCullough
Camper 2009 - 2010

I was in a cabin with Hannah Hoffinman!! lOl. Camp has been AWESOME!! i can’t wait to go again in 2 weeks!!

Nathan Dennison
Camper 2007 - 2011

Camp is probably one of the best things that has every happened to me. Tons of my best memories were made there, from tube wars with my fellow cabinmates to shooting a bow-and-arrow. The spiritualness (?) of the place is also amazing. Whenever I visit Camp Au Sable I find myself becoming closer to God than ever that year (including [unfortunately] at church). The people there are also extremely friendly. I find myself not wanting to use electronics. Being a video game addict, that is extremely awesome. The reason tat I’m an addict is that my mind feels that there is nothing (fun) left to do. At camp, that’s exactly the opposite. There’s not a moment when there isn’t something fun and exciting to do (you CAN make cleaning the cabin fun and exciting).

Overall, Camp Au Sable is where I want to be all the time, with the exception of Heaven. It is to spiritual and fun at the same time that you are overwhelmed and cannot help but accept the message. I hope that everyone who reads this and goes to camp next time (campers and staff alike) will remember this and choose to become even closer to God. And, maybe, if they don’t have that special bond yet, that they will at least give it a shot.

Debbie Curran Dann
Staff One summer - 1985 or 1986?

I had been to Camp Au Sable as a camper and absolutely loved it! One summer during college - Elder Rilea’s (sp)last year. I was a camp counselor. I LOVED working at camp! It was so fun being a counselor! Sean Rau was my cabin mate, and I acted in a play “Sunny and the Soup Kitchen?” Steve and Dave Yeagly were in charge of skits that summer, Steve was boys director, Keven Brown was in the play too, and Ed (?) and Glen (?) were on water front . . . anyway it was such a special time. It was great fun to serve the campers, but it was great bonding time for the staff too.

If you ever get the chance to work at camp be sure to cherish it! Those are some very special times. My husband Ed and I have been back and volunteered two different summers, one to help with roofing when our kids were little, and another when I had the privilage of teaching baking for one week during teen camp.

We have moved to Wyoming now, and miss Camp Au Sable greatly. A true treasure!

Brenda Artressia Foll
Camper 1977 - 1979

I remember going to camp it was fantastic every year my best friend Laura and I would run to the horse coral so we could make sure we got signed up. Flash was the favorite horse I have pictures of me riding that horse. The cabin was a blast with our friends all laughing. The canoe trip made us all sore. I loved every minute of being at camp. The only thing i did not like was on the ride home smelling Laura’s shoes that had stepped in horse manure.HAHA

Oliva Woodard
Camper -

i love cas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

graham heppel
Staff 1960 - 1966

I was a counselor and camper for both summer and winter camp winter was the best playing hockey on the lake and skiing at the local runs and the sleigh rides at night best time i had as a youth

Tsion Getahun
Camper 2010 -

I went 2 family camp 4 the first time and boy was i blessed!!!! :)…..all my friends told me go and i finally did!!!…thanks 2 all the staff 4 making CAS such a great place!!!

Alexis Greeley
Camper 2010

I went to camp for my first year this year after my great grandmother recommended it for my little brother. I wanted to go and our parents signed both of us up. We just couldn’t wait to go. Finally the week came and I was excited as ever. I was signed up for Digital Photography and Archery. Being at camp brought me closer to God and it was an experience I could never forget!!

Trevor Pestrue
Camper 1984 - 1992

My memories of camp represent some of the best moments of my childhood. While it’s true that I had an amazing family which consisted of wonderful parents as well as taxing but fiercely loyal brothers, camp filled a wonderful hole in my heart. I didn’t know all of this at 8 years of age of course. In fact, my first year was quite interesting to say the least. As my parents drove down the road which lead to camp, my mind was a blur of thoughts and worries. They were going to leave me at this place for a whole week! How would I survive! Would they feed me? The fire of my imagination fed the apprehension. When I got out of the car, my legs seemed to shake under me. I was so nervous! Then I heard a tall man approach and a big voice bent down to me on my level and said “Welcome to camp Trevor!” I won’t say that was the end of my concern. Still, it represented the first inkling to me that I would have an amazing time and would come away with treasured memories. It was the one place where my abilities were emphasized over my disabilities. I am a person of many talents and interests. Yet many times in the ordinary world, my total blindness from birth is often seen as my most visible trait. For one week out of the year, I knew that was not an issue for the majority of people around me.

am not an evangelical literal believer in the word of God. Still, the counselors and staff made sure to impress upon us their very sincere, real devotion to Christ and his power in their lives. I came away with a profound respect and a very real hope that future generations of children (both blind and sighted) could experience those peaceful, fun moments which shaped me during some of the most crucial periods of my childhood.
Garrett Kossick
Camper 1999 - Present

Growing up as a kid, my mom would take my brothers and I to family camp. We did it two summers in a row and it was always a blast. I remember a teacher I had at the Nature Center, I think his name was Stephen?? We’d go out in the woods and look for amphibions and all that good stuff. Now that I’m a grown man, I wish that I could somehow get in contact with him. Also, I made some good friendships. One in particular, a girl named Ashley, was awesome… Too bad I don’t remember her last name because she was HOT! If anybody knows a staff member at the nature center named Stephen and an African American girl named Ashley from Cleveland, OH that were at family camp in 2000. I’d like to get back in touch with them. Camp Au Sable rocks!

Hannah Hoffman
Camper 2005 - 2010 have had a wonderful 5 years at camp. I have grown closer to Jesus and made lots of friends that i will always try to keep in contact with the staff they are awesoe. I love the view and the fresh air that you get up there. My life has been touched by the generosity of the staff and putting in their full effort i to making camp the best time of our life. Love you all, Hannah
Glenda Smith-DeShazer
Camper 1989 - 1990

Camp was an amazing experience for me. I meet so many different people. Learned so many different things. Still didn’t learn how to swim, only because I was too afraid. The canoe rides, wow, that was so scary for me but it was still fun. The hike to the fort and the overnight stay there, that was a blast! I probably would have never went if it wasn’t for my childhood friend Krissy Patrick.

Mihaela Morgan
Camper 2002 - 2009

I’ve been going to Camp Au Sable for 7 years now and it’s been an amazing experience… I love the way all the staff are so nice and there to help you get through something whether it’s a project or if you need guidance on something…:D I believe that if you would look around you would believe that heaven is like Camp Au Sable… I will miss not going to Camp this year so much but i hope to be able to work at camp very soon…

Lynda North Buchholz
Camper mid-late seventies -

amp Au Sable is one of the best memories I have growing up! I had my own horse, and a good life at home, but the wonderful week at camp was incredible each summer, a spiritual mountain top to never be forgotten. I’m sure it helped me become the outdoor enthusiast that I am also.

Jan Sawyer was one of my counselors. I still have my Steps to Christ with the personal inscription that she gave each of us. I can’t remember the other gals that had my cabins really, but they were nice. There were lots of Slickers on staff during those days. I’ll always fondly remember the campfires looking out over the lake and shouting, “Hold the Fort!” I love Camp Au Sable! Made me cry to look at your pictures, though they are very different. Do you still have the enormous canoe hanging up in the craft building and the wonderful big dinning lodge above the beach?

Larry Blackmer
Staff 1973 - 1979

In a recent North American Division survey, summer camp experience was one of the strongest factors in common with all levels of church employees. I am in that catagory. I was a public high school student looking for summer work. I applied to work at camp, and for some reason, only known by God, I was accepted. That decision has changed my life. I enjoyed young people and became a teacher, and have served the Adventist Church ever since.

was one of the best times of my life. The friends we made and the memories and stories are still told every time we see each other. But most of all it was a time of spiritual commitment and renewal.

I was at camp again just two weeks ago, March of 2010, as a guest speaker. Every time I come back, the memories and the commitment are reenforced.

Best wishes to all of my friends and campers from the past 35 years! God bless!

David Yeagley
Staff 1983 - 2003

It was my privilege to spend 19 summers at Camp Au Sable between 1983 and 2003, with only two summers off … one to get married and the other for Seminary. I spent most of that time as program director, producing many campfire plays and dramas that have been used all over the country. My favorite time at camp was after the Friday night program as campers gave their lives to Christ. Camp Au Sable was my spiritual home all through high school and into my years of pastoring. Walking the boardwalk around the lake has resulted in many life-changing moments for me. Most importantly those walks have led me to serve as the Washington Conference Youth Director and Director of Sunset Lake Camp. It’s been 25 years of camp ministry for me this summer … and I’m still loving every minute of it.

Judy Harrington Perry
Staff 1973 ? - 1978 ?

Camp AuSable was where I grew up in my teen years. I met lifelong friends and married another Camp Staff member Terry Harrington. We talk often and fondly of camp and now that we are retired perhaps one day our truck and horse trailer will stop by and ride the trails again.

Brittni Dunneback
Staff 1998 - Until I decide to stop going!

I have been coming to camp au sable for the past 12 summers and I love it! Every summer you have the chance to meet so many new people. I don’t think the staff at camp au sable realize what an impact they make on the people that come to camp. I am so glad that God has provided a place like camp au sable. And even if I stop going to camp au sable, I will NEVER FORGET the friends and memories that I have made!

Ryan Owiti
Camper 2005 - 2010

I love CampAuSable, it is a good best Christian camp I have ever been to. CampAuSable taught me to grow closer to God, and I can’t wait to go this year. It’s the most wonderful, most exiting, most spiritual camp I’ve been to. I hope to see you there.

Melissa Fleetwood McCrory

I had the privilage of attending camp for 3 different summers! One year I was one of “Paula’s Princesses.” Paula was a great counselor! Those times are still some of my favorite memories! I love Camp Au Sable! I feel that Camp Au Sable is a place of impact! It can change kids lives! I now am honored and delighted to be able to send my own daughter to camp! She loves it! In fact, she has planned out her camp attendance for the next several years! And yes, she has already said she’d like to work at Camp Au Sable when she is old enough! So, Pastor Ken, Meghan Fleetwood will be calling you in a few years!

Jared White
Staff 2001 - Current

I love working at Camp, the nature surrounding CAS brings me closer to God every time I go up there, you can truly feel God’s presence when you are there.

Rod Dunneback
Staff 25yrs and counting - 2010

I keep coming back to camp because I get a greater blessing in serving the campers rather than being a camper. I’m 64yrs old now and love camp and Jesus more than ever. Every child should have a chance to go to summer camp.

John Musselman
Staff 2007 - 2010

I have been a Counselor and class instructor at Camp Au Sable going on four summers now. I have been touched by every cabin I’ve ever had, and it has been a privilege to hang out with so many awesome kids. It was also amazing teaching the first fishing class in 2009!

I was also a camper at Au Sable for years. I was a camper in Doug Taylor’s cabin one summer, and he posted in the forum, as well. It’s funny how things wind up working out…

Mark Boswell
Camper 1975 - 1977

I will always cherish the times that I spent at Camp Au Sable. It was some of the greatest experiences of my life. My brothers and I used to attend mini bike camp/ horseback camp and regular camp. Great camp and great times!

Ray Mayor M D
Staff 1949 - 2009

I attended Camp when my mom Anne Mayor was the camp cook. She was the Cook at Adelphian Academy during the school year and was invited to cook at Camp the summers of 1948 and 1949. Cecil Mayor was camp director (I think) while my mom was cook. During this time I spent several weekends at camp.

I was camp Doctor for a week several year starting in 1959 or 1960. Wilma, David and Laura always enjoyed the time we spent at camp. As my chidren became older, they would say “We want to go to camp 2 weeks, one as ‘campers’ and then when you are Camp Doctor”.

David and Laura have been involved at camp many times over the years as campers or as camp staff. They have many memories of good times. Their children have been campers, and on the camp staff.

David is a physcian and is the Medical Director for the medical needs of the campers. I currently serve on the AUSMIN and Long Range committee for Camp Au Sable. The contacts I have made and time I have spent at Camp has had and is a strong influence in my spiritual growth.

I praise God for the priviledges I have had here at camp and for the Michigan Conference in supporting this camp.

Craig Morgan
Staff 1986 - Present

It has been our joy to work at Camp AuSable since the summer of 1986. My boys grew up at camp and my grandson spent 8 summers with my wife and I. The Nature Center has been our love over the years and to enjoy hundreds of campers from all over the world. The many staff members that we have had the pleasure to work with make a huge family for us that we love very much and are waiting to see all together again when we get to heaven. May that be soon , but until then Camp AuSable will be a bit if heaven on earth.

Bridgite Lakies

I had lots of fun when I was a camper there. Even last year when I was a CIT

Zachary Kirchberg
Camper 2006 - 2009

I remember the first time i ever went to summer camp at that paridice known as Camp au sable, i was so happy and i couldnt hold the smile in as the warm au sable air gave me true peace and comert knowing that i was in a place were people, just like me could be recognized and liked. To this day, the second i leave camp, i cant wait till the next year for the same experience, or evin beter.

Beth Block Hovey
Camper 1972 - 2007

I came to Camp AuSable with my Adventist neighbors, the Nickless Family from Grand Rapids, beginning in 1972. Camp AuSable was my safe haven for 1-2 weeks during the summer. I came to accept Jesus as my personal Saviour in 1975 right by the fireplace in the Dining Hall!

Every summer Mr. Neal VanderWaal would generously donate a week of his life to lead a group of us rowdy kids on camp horses from Camp AuSable to Traverse City along the Horse and Hiking Trail. I rode with Mr. V, his sons and daughter Gail (Micheff), the Perry Twins, the Koudele Sisters, and many others for 5 years. What a blessing to be out in God’s creation, and hearing about His love everyday, something I did not hear at home. Mr. V was my first glimpse of what a loving father could be, and it helped me to see God as being a loving Father.

As an adult, I have taken my husband and sons to Family Camp several times. I am welcomed every time, even though I am not an Adventist. My family now loves Camp AuSable also.

Two years ago I got another dream realized…I got to teach a stained glass class during family camp. Gail Micheff even surprised me with a “Camp AuSable Staff,” sweatshirt, which I will always cherish. Camp AuSable is a recipient in my Will when I leave this earth. I want others to hear His word and answer His call from Camp AuSable, as I did. May the Lord continue to bless Camp AuSable! Love in the Lord Jesus, Beth (Block) Hovey

Ernie Medina
Camper 1978 - 2009

(Camper for the early years; counselor in 1984; then mini-Family and Family camp for the last 7 of 8 years).

So many great memories…both as a camper, staffer, Andrews Academy student (Bible camps!!!), and AU student (retreats!). Some of us have been sharing in Facebook at the Camp Au Sable group. And check out our music video we made one year for SS of the theme song, Dare to Run (in FB & YouTube). Leaving CA for MI tomorrow and going to Family Camp 1 on Sun for our 8th year!!!

Jenica Barrett
Camper 2006 - 2009

I have such good memories of camp. This year at Specialty Camp was probably my best year yet. I absolutely loved the non-dairy ice cream! It tastes just like real ice cream. I want to thank all the staff for all the hard work they have done. God Bless

Colbie Wakeley
Camper 2009 -

Camp was amazing! My favorite part was the people meaning the staff and the other campers. The staff this year taught me a lot about god, but at the same time they made camp really fun.

Doug Taylor
Staff 1998 - 2001

I have so many great memories from camp, it’s hard to know where to begin. Some of my strongest memories are of a camper named David B., who would come to camp for two weeks every summer and stay in my cabin. Dave had more energy than the entire cast of Riverdance, and if the government could have tapped into his raw kinetic power, our current energy crisis could have been averted years ago. Though at the time, I felt like I was being exposed to one of the plagues of Egypt, I now treasure my memories of Dave. He helped me realize how truly patient God is with all of us. I hope and pray that camp Au Sable made as big an impression on Dave as he made on it If you’re out there Dave, I love ya and I still pray for you.

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