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We have a commitment in this ministry that no camper should ever lose out on attending camp because of funds. If you are in this situation or know of someone who would benefit from a scholarship, there are a few ways to help.

  1. You can sponsor a camper by calling our office to set up a sponsorship code for the camper you would like to sponsor. Our office phone number is (989) 348-5491.
  2. Friendship Camper, is sponsored through a local Seventh-day Adventist Church. This scholarship is for those children who the local church would like to sponsor. Contact your local church to find out if they are participating in the Friendship Camper Scholarship this summer.
  3. Campership, also known as, ‘Matthew Jacobson Fund’ is for those who are able to pay part of the registration, but need assistant covering the rest of the registration. For more information,
  4. 2020 Campership Request

    2020 Campership Recommendation

    2020 Friendship Camper Packet

Matthew Jacobs Memorial Fund Guidelines

The Camp Au Sable Campership Fund has been established by donations from campers, parents, and other interested persons who want to see every child have an opportunity to attend camp. The funds are distributed on a first come, first serve basis to those who qualify until the fund is used up for the current camping season. If we received your application and the funds have been depleted, we will refund the entire amount of your deposit.

Our Campership Fund offers the opportunity to attend camp to children who would not be able to because of lack of funds. The Campership Fund is targeted to those who have an individual request, but it is not limited to one per family.

Eligibility for Campership
To verify your financial status, please include a letter of recommendation from your church pastor or employer on appropriate letterhead.

Type of Assistance
  1. Payment Plan: This is the preferred method of assistance for the majority of Campership applicants.
  2. Partial Assistance: Camp bases its decision to grant a partial scholarship on need. Other factors may be involved; therefore, each request is considered individually. Please take an honest look at your monthly/yearly budget before requesting assistance.
  3. Special Circumstances: If the above options are impossible for you to comply with, please choose this option and we will contact you to work out other arrangements.
  4. optional items or extras (i.e. camp store, audio/visual items, etc.), and the balance of the camp fee not covered by the Campership Fund are the responsibility of the camper/camper's family or guardian.

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