Summer Camp Classes

Summer Camp

Class List

There are 3 class periods where the campers can select. Campers attending Junior, Tween, and Teen camps will be able to select their classes online when they register. Look below to see descriptions and pictures of all our classes.


All craft classes will be taught in the craft building with the exception of Kitchen Creations, Woodworking, and Bible Discovery. The goal of this class is to create things with our hands.

Campers will make all kinds of candles, including: free-form sand, layered colored, ice, dipped, floating and more. You will also learn about different types of wax and wicks. For more information, check out the Candle Making Honor.

Campers will have the choice to paint a mug, vase, cookie jar, and more. They will also learn that Bisque is not a soup and greenware is not found in the kitchen drawer. For more information, check out Ceramics Honor

Campers will have a new option this year. The Camp Pastor will teach a class in Bible discovery. Depending on the week, campers will learn effective ways to memorize scripture, study tools for reading passages, and more.

Imagine a mosaic of all types of pieces of glass fashioned together to be a beautiful design. This is a very simple explanation of this fascinating class. You will be introduced to the art of flat glass and kiln forming. You will experience cutting glass, arranging colors and shapes, and finish with beautiful fused pieces of art glass.

Enjoy the kitchen? Enjoy taste testing? In this class, you will have an experience with at least three ingredients, that when put together can never go wrong: flour, oil and sugar. But more than baking sweets, you will also learn health benefits of certain foods, and the chemistry behind bread! To learn more information, see Baking Honor.

3…2…1… blast off! In this class, you will spend the week building model rockets and experiencing the thrill of launching them at the end of the week. For more information, check out Model Rocketry Honor

Learn to make a pinewood derby car and race with your fellow campers! For more information, see Pinewood Derby.

Reading the title, think of color, almost limitless variety and fun! You will get to exercise your right-brain creativity by making cards, posters, and other crafts. For more information, see Card Making.

You will learn to design your own wooden project with our experienced instructor using a variety of machinery. Safety is always our main concern.


All the land classes are taught at various locations around the camp.

Sharpen your aim and shooting skills. Your instructor will show you the safest and best way to enjoy the sport. With practice, maybe you can hit the bullseye! (Offered at Tween and Teen camps only.) For more information, see Archery honor

Getting ready for life? The classes will focus on nurturing and discovery of a girl’s mind, body, and soul. Each day will include workouts using pilates, strength training, and aerobics. You will also learn healthy snacking ideas, and use tools to discover your most flattering colors and styles through your personality type. It’s sure to be a fast-paced and fun-packed week! Sessions will be directed by a certified personal fitness trainer with special certifications in youth fitness. (Offered at Teen Camp only.)

If you love to drive them, you will also love working on the small engine. Learn not only how to drive but to fix the small engine go karts. Do you love the thrill of pushing yourself up a steep hill on a mountain bike? You’ll have a great time learning how to be an even better mountain biker during this class, while exploring the trails of camp!

You will learn to work as a team as well as overcome the fear of the Leap of Faith. Each class will have time set aside to build relationships with your classmates and challenge your skills of climbing!

You receive practical training in the fundamentals of how to ride and handle a horse. Certified instructors supervise every class to make sure that safety is foremost and that every camper has a great time.

Love playing sports? Then this class is for you! Each day campers will play a different sport–soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, etc. Get your game on and sign up for this class.

This class will answer the what, why, and how’s of being a staff here at Camp Au Sable. Each day will be a different department in which you will learn the ropes of high adventure, the recipes of the kitchen, and the duty’s of a director. This class is a perfect opportunity for those who someday want to be a staff here at camp


All the nature classes begin at the Nature Center, but are often taken to different parts of camp to discover and research God’s nature. Each of the classes will be in part or fulfilling the guidelines of the Pathfinder honor unless otherwise stated.

Discover the underworld of the life of frogs, salamanders and many more creatures that live just under our sight. Learn about their growth cycle and how God created them with unique survival skills! For more information, see Amphibian honor.

Help set up camp’s first animal tracking station. Was it running, or walking? Does it have a tail? Is it male or female? You can learn a lot from tracks. Not just tracks, but other signs of animals too. We even have dinosaur tracks and other fossil tracks at the nature center! The pathfinder honor called Animal Tracking can be earned.For more information, see Animal Tracking honor.

Using camp’s binoculars and spotting scopes, we will hike, canoe and bus to cool places to find and learn about the birds. Check out the bird feeder window at the nature center complete with bird sounds! We even have fossil feathers! The pathfinder bird honor can be earned. For more information, see Birds honor.

Have you ever wondered how the natural world around you continues to thrive? Or more recently what is causing so much talk about ‘Global Warming’? Campers will learn how God created the ecosystem we live in, and how to be a better steward of the world God created for us. For more information, see Ecology honor.

Here is something different! You can help Dr. Atkins (camp naturalist) collect and analyze data and work on projects related to the nature center. A different research project each day. This is not a pathfinder honor.

Our new lab at camp has a bunch of cool microscopes. You can learn how to use them. We will hike and canoe to find cool things to bring back and study under the microscope. The pathfinder honor called Microscopic Life can be earned. For more information, see Microscopic Life honor.

Have you ever hunted for the Michigan State Stone? You will be able to identify key characteristics of the Petoskey Stone: how it is made, where to find it, and spend time searching for them!

Ever wonder what the difference is between a reptile and an amphibian? In the Nature center, you will be able to handle some of these wonderful creatures and spend time around camp finding them in their natural habitat. Learn more about these amazing creatures! For more information, see Reptiles honor.

Hey lets go rock collecting! You will work on your own collection to take home with you. Volcanoes, earthquakes, fossils, fools gold. For more information, see Rocks and Minerals honor.

Hey, we just got a saltwater aquarium at the nature center in addition to our freshwater aquarium! Help us collect fish from the lake to put in our big tank and help us feed them. Canoeing, fishing, trapping, and the pathfinder fish honor can be earned. For more information, see Fishes honor.


All the water classes will be based near the waterfront or the canoe shalet.

Imagine bringing the spirit of the High Adventure course to the waterfront. Aquatica is a watery and sandy problem-solving, team-building adventure. Can your team construct a raft to cross the bay to the Fire Bowl? Or carry a flag from the shore to the top of the Wibit without getting it wet? Or find the treasure chest buried in the sand using a map and compass? These are just a few of the challenges our instructors will have in store for only the bravest and most aquatic of campers.

Are you strong enough to maneuver a canoe through the raging waters of the Au Sable River? 🙂 Learn how in the canoeing class.

If you enjoy fishing or want to try fishing for the first time, you will enjoying fishing in Lake Shellenberger. Guided by a staff, you will be able to learn new skills and sharpen old techniques!

Under the direction of our water safety instructors and lifeguards, campers will be able to advance in their swimming skills while working towards certification. Best of all, be trained to save lives and avoid dangerous situations. Swimming 1 will be for beginners and intermediate, and Swimming 2 will be for advanced swimmers.

Wait until your friends hear that you learned how to wakeboard or waterski at camp! Whether you are a beginner or experienced in the sport, you will be able to practice and discover new, advanced techniques. Learn to jump, ride the wake, and more.